Smedo - World's most advanced contactless biometrics

smedo has developed a technology that makes it possible to measure vital signs with no physical or optical contact within an estimated distance of up to 7 meters to the target

The three smedo founders

The Technology

smedo proudly presents a new technology for vital sign monitoring that will disrupt the market. No buzz-wording. Measuring in absolute darkness, through fabric and even during motion – that’s smedo vital sign measurement!

What is measurable?

With the smedo technology we can measure:

  • heart rate
  • heart variability
  • heart sound
  • respiration rate
  • respiration variability
  • identity recognition of a registered patient (in development)
  • blood pressure (in development)

What's long-term your goal?

Our goal is to enable contactless, affordable, precise and versatile measurement of vital signs for any relevant application and environment.
The three smedo founders

Tell me about a real use case!

smedo focuses on three main use cases:

  • Our main use case is seemless vital sign monitoring of elderly people (assisted living). Today more than 2.5 million elderly people needs nursing care at home. Smedo can not only constantly measure the vital signs but also transfer the data to doctors and nurses in real-time and – in case of an emergency – call help fully automatically
  • As a second use case smedo will provide a baby monitoring system that will help parents to have a better sleep knowing, that their baby is doing well. The Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS) is the biggest fear of parents of babies up to an age of 12 months. We can detect SIDS and give an alert to save the lives of many babies.
  • As a third use case we could use our technology to completely replace an ECG system in the hospital. No need of wires anymore. Patients are allowed to move, the amount of false-positive decreases.