Networking is our business

You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it.

Our team is always looking for new partners (from start-ups to investors or established companies) who support our mission to support startups on their way from small to big. We’re experts in networking, asking the rights questions and connecting you to the right people. We don’t need to know all the answers, just who to ask!

As part of our daily work with different start-ups and as part of developing a portfolio of start-ups and investors, we rely on our self-developed maturity analysis. This is made up of seven main factors that are also an indicator of the steps required to further develop your business. It enables us to give valuable feedback, to arrange the right contacts and to significantly increase the chances of a successful investment for both sides.

We focus on close relations & partnerships

Coaching & Consulting

TOK UP Community

Berlin start-up ecosystem

Coaching & Consulting

Our mission: Grow Your business

We’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new businesses from small to big. Our approach: giving entrepreneurs the feedback, resources and ecosystem they need to achieve their goals.

It all starts with an honest assessment

As a result, the TOK UP start-up assessment is based on a seven factors maturity analysis which gives startups guidance of the steps required to further develop their business.

A forward-thinking advice

Our Coaching & Consulting comes into play when you need help from real experts. If we can’t give you any more feedback, we know the right people to boost your business.

TOK UP Community

Meet. Inspire. Blow them!

Our goal is to expand the Berlin start-up scene, connect people and pave the way for international cooperation.

Participation is highly appreciated!

You’re missing a topic and want to give talk about all topics around the start-up scene & ecosystem in Germany and beyond? Just drop us a message!

Berlin start-up ecosystem

Get an overview

We analyzed the Berlin VC & investors ecosystem and build a list of nearly all players on the market. In case we are not already in touch with them we know someone who is!

Create international relationships

Our goal is to create international relationships and help founders from all over the world to get started in Germany & Europe. You are new to the Berlin start-up scene? Just drop us a message and we will help to get started!

Get in touch with us!

We really like personal contact and try to avoid formal contact forms and processes. You’re interested, unsure or just want to get more information? Just call us!