PrivateSale - The fashionable marketplace who really care for the environment

Everything is changing. Today I want to buy something fashionable, and tomorrow I want sell my seemingly perfect purchase. Marketplace platform PrivateSale will make this process much easier.

Private Sale Market iPhone App

How does it work?

  1. List your things
    Download and Install PrivateSale application and upload photos of your things there, include the size and material. Note that better quality photos will have higher ratings and therefore more buyers will be able to see it.
  2. Use hashtag #privatesalestore
    Do you sell things through social networks or Instagram? Use our hashtag! Products with the hashtag will be announced in our groups on social networks and our partners will tell their subscribers about it.
  3. Sell your things
    All things are categorized based on geographical distance from customers. Things can be sold directly from the application and also from your Instagram store, which is linked to your user profile.

How we boost your sale!

We also share links to stores and designer’s profiles in our and our partners’s social networks to increase traffic in your marketplace when you list things in our application.
Private Sale Market iPhone App

It's all about privacy!

The level of protection of private seller’s contact information in PrivateSale is highly increased. This means that only after the seller chooses a specific buyer, the buyer gets access to the seller’s contacts and the location of this thing.

But I don't want to take care of all my offers...

You can either independently sell or buy things through the PrivateSale app or list your things in the Pop-up store or share it in PrivateSale Style Hub partner’s space, where your thing will be available for viewing without your participation.
No need to meet with a potential buyer in uncomfortable places and at awkward time. No more trying on things at someone’s home, in the car, or right on the street. You can simply move your things to a PrivateSale Hub space and all potential buyers will be able to take a look, touch, try on and buy your goods there.