Spoontainable - Don't waste it, taste it!

More than 360 million plastic ice cream spoons are thrown away annually after only one use. Spoontainable has developed an ice-cream spoon that can be used to eat the ice-cream plastic-free.

How does it work?

The fibres of the cocoa shell form the basis of the sustainable spoon “Spoonie”. They provide stability during the meal and a naturally fine cocoa taste. Due to the rich cocoa fibres, the spoon looks like chocolate, tastes like chocolate, but does not melt!

I am CEO - Why should I switch to Spoonies?

With the sustainable ice cream spoon, eating ice cream becomes a very special experience. By not using plastic, you are not only protecting the environment but also offering your customers a sustainable, plastic-free and delicious alternative.

I am a customer - Why do I want a Spoonie?

The components of the ice cream spoon have been carefully selected to create a recipe that is vegan, sugar-free and rich in fibre. By adding organic fibres, residual materials are used to make the spoon sustainable and innovative.

Don't waste it, taste it!

Like a crispy biscuit, the spoonie can be eaten after the ice cream. The spoon does not give any taste to the ice cream or dessert. It fits every taste and can remain in the ice cream or frozen yoghurt for at least 60 minutes without softening.

We’re currently producing a chocolate spoon and planning a neutral one as well!