Social Natives - Recruiting employees via social media

We help medium-sized companies to become known and within three months to attract more employees and young talents via social media.

Social Natives - social recruiting team

The challenge

The demand for first-class employees is increasing, because every company wants the best. There is a shortage of specialists and managers.

The classic recruiting channels, such as job advertisements in the newspaper, online job portals, university marketing, headhunters or the employment office, deliver unsatisfactory results…

This is where SocialNatives comes in and helps you to build up awareness among your target applicants through modern social media marketing and to specifically attract new employees.

What makes Social Natives different?

It is the interface of three points that makes us different:

  • Marketing competence
  • The understanding of the target group
  • Our personality

We are doers and come from practice. Everyone in the team has a background in professional sports and therefore the cooperation is performance-oriented, fast and to the point.

Social Natives - social recruiting team

Why does classical recruiting no longer work with Generation Z?

This change comes from the fact that the young generation no longer reads newspapers, doesn’t notice billboard advertising and usually doesn’t look for really good young talents in job exchanges. Young talents spend 4-5 hours a day on their mobile phones and spend a lot of that time in social media like Instagram.

In this case, social media marketing offers you a gigantic benefit because you establish a relationship with the applicant. Through content marketing you can show what it really looks like in your company and thus arouse interest and build trust.