RecTag - Instant Voice Sharing

RecTag is a voice-based & hyperlocal social network that connects you to your city via your microphone. Meet people, share your content, entertain, flirt, discuss, inform, have fun and much more: RecTag is instant voice sharing with your community!

RecTag-Hear what your city has to tell you

The name says it all

RecTag is a blend of “Record” & “Tag”

Share your voice with your city

Record what’s on your mind: a cool bar discovered, an interesting idea, the last gossip to Heidi Klum’s wedding. No matter what: Your audio recording is there to be shared. Leave it exactly in the place that inspired you. It stays there for the next 24 hours before it is removed again.

Voice street art

With every recording you leave behind you mark your city. Create Buzz, stimulate discussion, get followers, become influential! RecTag is audio-based street art. Your art is temporary, but its influence can be great. Your colour is your sound, your mobile phone microphone your spray can. Create a mystery around yourself and conquer your city.

Personally and anonymously through voice and audio

On RecTag we do not use pictures, photos and videos. You show your personality through your voice as well as sounds that accompany you day and night. So you remain anonymous without losing your personal touch. Every recording, every pin on the card draws a picture in your head.