Plyvie - Present interactively

Plyvie is a platform that helps to present more engagingly. It allows an audience to connect to a presentation and use interactive features like online anonymous polls, questions, give feedback.
Plyvie record interactive presentation

Tell me about Plyvie, how will it make presentations smarter?

Plyvie is not another PowerPoint, we’re focusing on the process of presentation rather than the creation of slides. Therefore, you can easily upload your various presentation formats like PDF or PPTX and start the smarter way of presenting right now.

Enrich easily your slides with various types of polls and further information. That’s it. Your presentation setup is finished within minutes.

You can benefit from multi device and multi controller support to fully focus on presenting while your audience can follow your presentation in any web browser, participate in interactive content and benefit from build-in presentation recording.

Plyvie record interactive presentation