PayFit - Reinventing Payroll and HR

An integrated payroll and HR Management software. HMRC certified, PayFit automates everything from RTI submissions and employee payslips to leaves and expenses.

PayFit Integrated Payroll and HR

How does it work?

PayFit is a simple tool to manage your payroll and workplace pension without worrying about ever changing tax and compliance rules. Make changes in real time and save time.

I am CEO - How makes PayFit my company better?

No more mistakes and delays!
This is the end of manual tasks and back and forth emails. PayFit will calculate the different pay variables for you and automate your payroll in a click.

HR management made easy!
PayFit handles holiday and leave tracking, workplace pension and benefits, expenses, time tracking, new employee onboarding, HR processes and reporting, and more. It’s easy and intuitive for both the employer and the employee to be on top of it.

At PayFit, the security of your data is our highest priority.

PayFit Integrated Payroll and HR

But the changeover is certainly complicated?!

From the very beginning of your PayFit journey, we will help set up your account and train you to use the software seamlessly.

If you are switching from another payroll software, we will help you migrate your data and make the switch as hassle-free as possible.

My payroll is really complex. Is there any support?

We have experienced payroll specialists that are eager and ready to assist with any of your payroll/tax-related queries.

Whether it’s a general question or something situational and specific to your company, we’re more than happy to assist you with the best advice.

PayFit Assistance Payroll Experts
PayFit Assistance Payroll Experts