IZBA - Rural Property Crowd Investments

IZBA turns the unused lands into eco-accommodation for tourists through online crowd investment. We build the bridge for impactful investments respecting the indigenous culture and traditions of local communities, creating value for landowners, individual/corporate investors, financial institutions and travelers. We are a tech platform and service company, addressing the whole process from the bid to the project implementation and booking management.

Which challenge do you tackle?

There is a lot of unused lands in rural communities, which have earning potential. The communities themselves often cannot invest. Those, who have bigger lands either rent them out, or sell it, missing better earning opportunities. And those, who have smaller pieces, do not utilize them at all.

For the investors real estate has traditionally been:

  • complicated when it comes to international activities, due to unknown «rules of game»;
  • associated with «closed club opportunities», not visible online;
  • capital intense;
  • risky, given the construction project uncertainties;
  • longer-term investments (average 5 years).

Existing solutions in crowd investments do not provide end-to-end project guidance, operated by the online platform, that people can trust. Also, many existing investment opportunities are stuck in complicated construction/infrastructure regulations and not accessible to the masses.

What's your solution?

At IZBA, we help local people become property owners by investing in their land through a crowd investment platform. Our platform is a marketplace that matches international investors to unused spots of land from farms, wineries, abandoned premises and land spots with infrastructure for living.

We provide an opportunity for individuals and entities to co-invest in a new asset class: mobile eco-house. We make sure the house is deployed and put into operation in legal compliance and provide complete marketing support and booking management.

Investors have a small entry threshold starting from 500$ and a shorter investment horizon of 3 years, while keeping the ROI at the level of 50%. Due to the nature of the property object, it doesn’t require construction permits and is not subject to complicated construction regulations.

IZBA Value Proposition for Landlord Investor Guest
IZBA Value Proposition for Landlord Investor Guest

How will the solution look like?

We are deploying a broad stack of technologies for crowd investment, booking, and house design:

  • An intuitive online marketplace for the bids, investments and performance tracking of your house portfolio on a map.
  • As an approved investor, you can hand-pick deals across given geography, housing type or a number of investors. We will use your investment preferences in an automated screening dashboard. We will also use AI-powered insights to help you optimize your portfolio in terms of diversification and allocation.
  • A booking platform optimized to the needs of rural tourism and a specific group of travelers.
  • Data aggregation on investors, landowners, and travelers, helping vendors to access their preferences and target them with better products.
  • A smart house design solution, creating a unique user experience for travelers and optimizing cost of investment.