How I Like - The Revolution of on-the-job catering

How I Like is a platform that revolutionizes on-the-job catering with the help of the How I Like smart refrigerator. Employees can quickly get the products they want and enjoy their quick break in the comfort of their office.

How I Like - Smart refrigerator with healthy food

How does it work?

“How I Like” provides you with the smart refrigerator for your office and takes care of the regular supply of healthy and tasty products. Your employees only register online and have direct access to healthy food, tasty dishes and refreshing drinks in the comfoirt of their own office.

I am CEO - How does the smart refrigerator get to me in the office?

How I Like offers an integrated solution for your office: How I Like takes care of setting up the refrigerator, onboarding your employees and ensuring that the refrigerator is refilled on a regular basis.

You give them one square meter of space – they take care of the rest.

I am an employee - How do I get the candy?

After registering on the How I Like platform, you can make your choice right at the fridge and pay without cash. Enjoy your meal!
How I Like - Smart refrigerator with healthy food

What are the benefits of How I Like to your company?

How I Like enriches the day-to-day work of your employees: The provision of healthy food increases employee motivation (along with other things like better care, less travel time, more interaction with each other) and increases the attractiveness of the employer and the location.

  • Carefree service
  • Innovative products
  • Regularly changing offers
  • Billing directly with the employees
  • Available 24/7
  • No own staff costs amd small space requirement