- Put your worker onboarding & training on autopilot! is your digital trainer for manual work procedures. provides a faster onboarding, hands-free self-training and automatic content translation. digital trainer for logistic workers

I am a CEO - how can help me?

How much time do you or your employees spent on:

  • Onboarding new employees?
  • Explaning how to do tasks the right way?
  • Answering how-to questions again & again?


If you are like most managers and business owners we talk to, you spend more than 30% of your week on redundant employee training. digital trainer for logistic workers

How does work?

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to create content for manual work procedures:

  1. Write How-To Steps
  2. Auto Translate
  3. Teach via App

You can write interactive voice how-tos in plain text – and add photos, GIFs or video clips by drag and drop. If there’s a change you don’t need to contact an agency, just update and share it in real time to your employees. how digital training works how digital training works

Tell me about a real world use case!

Workflows and checklists

It’s all about the “How do I do that, step-by-step?” question. Procedural know-how like “How do I pack this order?” less than fact-based knowledge like “What are our company values?” better served with a traditional e-learning solution.

Faster ramp-up times from 0 to 100% productivity

Help workers through the entire employee lifecycle. Whether it is with a one-time live support-in-task exercise or a gradual buildup of skills and hands-on experience. Shorten ramp-up time, while freeing up experienced workers. Cut training and how-to support costs by up to 50%.

Is your industry experiencing peak seasons, high fluctuation or employing lots of temp workers?

Are you continuously onboarding new workers beyond capacity? Do your key people spend up to 50% of their time training and supporting inexperienced workers? Do you have to deal with rising costs for in-person training, off- or on-the-job? Many industries are struggling with with high turnover and temp worker share.