CONNECT your ride and reduce traffic!

We have made it our task to improve the utilisation of the vehicles and for this reason we developed the CONNECT app. CONNECT combines navigation and ridesharing and makes it possible to take passengers with you without any additional effort.

Connect your ride iPhone driver passenger

Tell me about your goal!

In Germany, on average only 1.4 people sit in a car! We want to change that! For this purpose we develop the CONNECT Ride Sharing App which transfers our values into daily life:

  • Driving environmentally friendly together:
    The high emissions of nitrogen oxides and fine pollutants, especially in our inner cities, have become an ever greater problem in recent years. The consequences are driving bans and environmental zones. We solve the problem the ease way: less cars on the roads!
  • Driving cheap together:
    Get up to 30 cents per km as a driver and reduce your costs. As a passenger you can ride cheaply and spontaneously and pay comfortably via the platform.
  • Driving safe together:
    The integrated evaluation system allows you to get to know your driver / passenger before you start your journey. After each ride you can rate the ride.

I am CEO - How can Connect support my company?

With CONNECT, you can create an environmentally friendly and inexpensive mobility alternative for your employees that at the same time ensures that you can reduce parking space.

Do you have questions about the integration of CONNECT in your company? Just get in touch with us via TOK UP!

Connect your ride iPhone driver passenger
Connect your ride and reduce parking spaces

What makes Connect different from other ride-sharing platforms?

Of course, the idea of carpooling is not new and offers many advantages. You get to know new people, share your costs and protect the environment. Nevertheless, there are still on average only 1.4 people sitting in German cars. We wanted to understand why this is so and have put a lot of work into research. Through studies, surveys and our own experiences with carpooling, it became clear to us that spontaneity is very important to many when travelling with their own car. With all existing ridesharing platforms at the moment, you have to choose as a driver:

Drive off spontaneously OR take passengers with you

We don’t find both mutually exclusive and want to CONNECT them so that every car becomes a ride with just a few clicks.