ahead® - 100% Performance, 0% Bullshit

Whether it is a matter of being fully concentrated in your studies and profession, calling up the maximum performance in sport, regenerating optimally afterwards or finding balance and restful sleep after a stressful day. We founded ahead with the motivation to support ambitious movers and shakers to release their full physical and mental potential.

How does it work?

The ahead products are developed on the basis of current clinical studies and in cooperation with experts from sports science, nutrition science and medicine. ahead clearly distances itself from pure “marketing products” with an only placebo effect, as it is common in the supplement industry, and thus wants to stand out from the rest of the market and create real added value for people who strive for more health and performance.

Performance and health = quality of life.

The human being is not a computer that needs an upgrade in order to function better, like a machine. The human being is a complex organism and who wants to perform has to be in balance with himself at the same time. Biohacking techniques and performance food are not used for stoic self-optimization, but rather for self-development and self-realization. Nature is our origin and from nature the human being gains his energy with ahead.

ahead Academy

Only when you have understood how your body functions and reacts to environmental influences can you influence your body and your environment in a systematic way. For this reason ahead offers not only micro nutrients, but also the possibility in the ahead Academy to raise your life to a new level in areas such as energy, motivation or concentration.

the ahead claim: No Bullshit!

When selecting the ingredients, ahead relies on natural micronutrients and plant extracts, the functionality of which has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific studies. In addition, they do not use any form of artificial additives. This also applies to the capsule products, which are encapsulated in a plant casing made of HPMC cellulose.

What ahead stands for:

  • Study-based development
  • Pure natural ingredients (no artificial flavours, colourings, binding and separating substances, preservatives & fillers)
  • 100% Performance, 0% Bullshit
  • Made in Germany